Versioning History

The table below reflects a record of changes made to the Program Review Handbook since its original publication on January 15, 2022.

Version Date Description of Change
3.1 24.03.10 Generalized process across post-secondary in Canada; anonymized institution
3.0 24.01.26 Updated references and author bios
2.9 23.08.09 Module 2: Updated instructions and timelines
2.8 23.05.26 Module 7: Added Action Planning Methodology
2.7 23.05.17 Module 4: Updated consent notice in all survey templates to align with guidance from the university’s Privacy Officer
2.6 23.05.15 Updated colour theme throughout to align with colour research and accessibility concerns raised by readers (i.e., black text on yellow background)
2.5 23.05.06 Module 4: Added Survey Workshop Agenda; Templates: Uploaded Survey Workshop Agenda Template.
2.4 23.04.28 Templates: Updated Moodle Back-up File to 2023 Program Review Course.
2.3 23.04.09 Module 1: Revised Orientation agenda.
2.2 23.03.27 Module 8: Revised Response to Recommendations to align with Ministry guidelines; Templates: Uploaded a new Final Report Template.
2.1 23.01.05 Module 5: Added optional workshop for collaboratively writing the Self-Study; Module 7: Added customized workshop overview and agenda for action planning.
1.2 22.05.04 Module 1: Revised Orientation activity template
1.1 22.04.11 Module 1: Revised Orientation agenda


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